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It's Not Just Any Other Apparel

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

When you first decide to step inside designing & printing your first company apparel, you may be unsure what sort of garment would be best suited for your company, a Tee Shirt? Polo? or what sort of design should go onto the garment?

Well, based on our experience here at The Cottonink over the many years spent consulting with companies both big and small to create their ideal company apparel, we have always pushed how one can tell their company story through their well thought out apparel.

Here are some things to consider when you are planning for the project

Type Of Garment Chosen

First and foremost, the type of garment that you choose is a key component in expressing your companies story. The first question you always need to ask yourself is what?... So What is this apparel going to be used for?

Whether it's going with a standard Round-Neck T-shirt which has a clean, young, trendy look for a more casual event, team-building activity or a Polo Tee which to me is very versatile apparel suited for both formal and casual occasions. 

Type Of Material

Not only that, choosing the type of material for your apparel is also extremely important. Knowing who this apparel will be for will provide you with a key insight on deciding on the material that will be used for the apparel. Is this for staff who will be outdoors most of the time or for staff sitting in a cold air-conditioned office?

Dri-fit or Microfiber will definitely provide the staff who will be outdoors all day with more comfort, whereas; cotton will provide sufficient warmth to a staff stuck in the office all day. Even better, there are even garments that have a mix of Cotton & Microfiber making it more flexible for staff to use for both indoors and outdoors. 


To me personally, Print & Design is by far the most important aspect when creating your companies apparel. The Design of a Logo/Illustrations goes a long way into expressing your companies image. 

By creating and using simplistic designs (not to mention the company logo fused in within the design) with a slick font may give off a professional image, whereas; the use of wonky fonts followed by a combination of doodle artwork can give off a more creative vibe. 

Do not be afraid to consult an expert Graphic Designer when you are in the midst of drafting your design as this One-Off Project to create your ideal design will definitely be worth the money! 


With new technologies popping up all around today, T-shirt Printing has also benefited from those advancements. We are all familiar with the standard Silkscreen Printing, Heat-Transfer, Vinyl, Embroidery prints around today which may be the simple and most cost-effective way to go about your printing.

However, if you are looking for your designs to stand out more on your Company Apparel, there are options which may cost a little extra such as:

  • Flocking: A Furry, Velvet texture that can give off a soft, fuzzy and cozy feeling to the print.

  • High Density: A Repetitive print that literally brings your print alive with its 3D texture.

  • Emboss: A softer version of High-density which provides a raised surface of the print.

  • Glow-in-The-Dark: A Print that literally glows.

  • Glitter: Adding an extra shine to the print surface which makes your design sparkle.

In the end, it all comes down to mixing and matching elements of apparel, design and print that compliments each other while matching the company image that you are trying to convey to your customers.

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