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The Hidden Truths About Company Apparel

With the current boom of new companies happening around the world today, creating a superior work environment is pivotal in retaining employee and brand loyalty. One significant method in which companies are able to effectively create a quality work environment is with Company Apparel.

Here are a few reasons why Company Apparel is more important than you think;

1. Plays a Significant Role in Promoting Your Brand

In the current society where consumers are more skeptical about online advertisements and not easily manipulated. The word of mouth approach plays a key role in promoting your brand. In fact, research done by Nielsen showed that 88% of consumers put the highest trust in word of mouth marketing more than any other form of advertising.

To put it simply, being able to create an aesthetically pleasing brand logo and incorporate that onto your company apparel may help to catch the attention of consumers when the apparels are worn by your staff. Once the exposure of your brand has been planted into the minds of the consumers it is very common for them to then spread the word on your brand to friends, families, and others.

On top of that, with company apparel, it would also be able to instill trust in your brand and also create a sense of familiarity with customers that will actually go a long way in promoting your brand.

2. Promotes Employee Unity & Collaboration

One of the most important aspects of a company is the people behind the scenes.

A huge plus side of incorporating corporate uniforms into the company is to present a united front towards its staff. When employees are dressed similarly they will feel a sense of belonging which in return will boost team spirit, inspires a positive attitude as well as eases ice-breaking between new staff.

Furthermore, as a close connection is built when employees are provided with company apparel, it will make the team much more comfortable when communicating and collaborating with projects. This would result in a collective effort by the team to work together in order to achieve short and long-term business goals.

3. Creates a Professional Environment

Sometimes, an item as simple as corporate apparel will be able to strongly assert the professionalism of a team. Which would you see as a more reliable, trusting team, one who is dressed in a completely different attire or a group of people using the same outfit may it be as casual as a T-shirt or as formal as a Polo.

It is a small but effective psychological aspect that puts customers at ease when they see the uniformed relationship formed by the group just by using the same outfit. It would allow customers to have more confidence when approaching a sales representative as it allows employees to appear more official.

On top of that, it also allows customers to easily identify staff members in a busy setting to obtain information about their product or service.

4. Contributes to an Effective Marketing Strategy

Promoting your brand, an event or even a new product requires a well-thought marketing strategy. If your company decides to invest in apparel as part of the marketing plan one would need to identify which clothing item will be the most effective and value for money.

A small tip will be to do a little in-house research and ask your employees about which apparel they would most likely wear out which would get the best value out of the money spent. On top of that, consider providing a variety of corporate-branded apparel to fit the current trend.

if the plan is to provide give-away merchandises during roadshows, competitions or retail it is key to consider past consumer research done by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) which shows the types of promotional products which recipients prefer:

58% T-Shirts

41% Caps & Headgear

35% Polo

27% Microfiber / Dri-Fit Material

Also, size labels that states “Made in Malaysia” products also have a high relationship in how customers perceive the overall quality of the garment.

All in all, if you are unsure of how you can achieve the optimal results with your corporate Apparel, feel free to contact local your local apparel specialists who would be able to provide you with the best solutions to the problems currently faced in the ever-changing industry.

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