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The CottonInk | T Shirt Printing KL | Meet The Sportsman



Machine printing technology solves Two Main issues faced by current traditional hand printer. 

  • Firstly, Quality Assurance. A consistent, even and calculated pressure applied by our state of the art machines on each garment ensures that the vibrancy of prints are produced consistently across all garments.

  • Secondly, Time and Money. With the ability to mass produce printed goods at a quicker rate compared to traditional hand printing, automated machine printing provides timely production,thus; drastically cutting cost of each print at higher quantities.


There is no better way to complement state of the art facilities with the best ink materials. Our quality control team are always exploring and experimenting with the best inks in the worldwide market to produce retail-quality printing.

  • Plastisol Silkscreen Ink: Most durable ink available in the market which produces vivid prints that wont wash or fade away over time as many other inks has known to be susceptible of in the past.