Meet The Family of Prints | Part II

Our last blog post focused primarily on prints that we have been accustomed to in the printing industry . This post,however; will look into the new , innovative methods of print that has begun to arise in recent years.

it is exciting to see how print technology has evolved in the printing industry, from just regular and basic prints to visually stunning prints that brings out the life of your apparels by adding an extra feature to the visuals of your printed designs.

Here are the few up and coming prints in the current market which ticks all the boxes when it comes to adding a little twist to your Apparel…

High Density Print

High Density Print


High Density Printing

One of my personal favourite type of print is High Density, which uses a mixture of a puff base and ink followed up by repetitive printing that creates a special effect which rises up above the garment providing a sharp-edged 3D feature to the print. Not only that, As this is done as a repetitive print, height and width of the print can be controlled by the number of strokes.

However, it has to be noted as well that high density print does have its shortcomings. Most importantly, high density cannot be done when printing halftone images and also detailed images. (Eg: Line Width of designs should not be less than 2Pts). On top of that, high density printing is a labour intensive process which require multiple strokes of print which takes up extra ink and time which result in it being more costly than regular print methods.

Glow in the Dark Print

Glow in the Dark Print


Glow in the Dark Printing

A very versatile print which can be done a various different type of garments. Glow in the Dark allows designs to stand out even more by emitting a glow from the print when exposed to a dark environment (Eg: Night runs, Haunted Houses, Club events). Not only that, as special inks & treatments is required to be used when producing a glow in the dark prints; the print actually boasts a higher durability and a professional finish when compared to regular silkscreen prints.

One of the main setbacks of a glow in the dark print is that the strongest glows emitted are from a white-based prints. Even though you may use a different coloured base, the glow may not be as strong as that on a white base. Furthermore, the colour of glow that is available currently in the market is very limited to about 4-5 different colours. (Eg: Blue, Yellow, Green, Red).

Photochromic Print

Photochromic Print


Photochromic Printing

One of the newest print in town, Photochromic print will blow your mind! Photochromic has already been gaining popularity in the market with its unique print which appears clear indoors and begins to colour when the print surface is expose to sunlight or UV light. The fact that photochromic can be done in a variety of colours is also one of its advantage as it allows customers to be able to work with detailed designs.

However, due to Photochromic being a new type of print technology, it requires special treatments and inks in order to create the Photochromic effect which can be quite costly. On top of that, the black and white colour which is visible when Photochromic print is not exposed to the light may come off as a little bit dull.

So here are a few of the most exciting prints that are currently in the market. However, there are many more types of prints which you can choose from when printing apparels and it would be best to consult with your local printers who should have physical samples of the actual prints for you to touch and feel.